Mission: Defamiliarize

The assignment was to take a ten photos of a familiar place and make it unfamiliar, what place is more familiar than home? The process was very simple, I just wandered around my house taking pictures at different angles until I had ten and then uploaded it as a set on Flickr.



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One Response to “Mission: Defamiliarize”

  1. Alan Levine says:

    This is done very well, Briana… does it feel unfamiliar to you?

    FYI, there are 2 ways you can embed the set in your blog; if you set up flickr to post to your blog, use the “Share” menu on the set page, or you can view the slideshow, and click the share button to get embed code you can use on your blog.

    It’s always better to have the media in your own site, then having people have to click away to see it.

    Great work this week!